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Baths, faucets and kitchen by Roca
Home Product line Heating


Experts in heating

At MASIÁ, S.A. we permanently extend our distributions and stocks, which permit us to invite you to an extensive offer and the maximum rapidity with regard to the availability of the products.

  • Boilers and thermical groups of gas and diesel oil, hot water heaters, accumulators, heaters, etc.
  • Pumps, heat circulators, burners, thermostats, measuring and regulation apparatus
  • Radiators made of aluminium, plating, steel plating, cast iron, veneers and towel holders for the bathrooms
  • Heating valves, deposits for expansion, diesel oil and water
  • New energies (solar collectors)


Our collaborators:

Baxi Roca   Saunier Duval  JUNKERS   Vaillant   ACV 

Orkli Ibaiondo  Polytherm  Grupo Heca 

Martigrap DucasaFLECK     Aparici     

Climastar   Beretta   Irsap Brotje Heizung

Runtal  NEGARRA    Ariston K-Flex

Roca presents the bathroom space Armani - Roca

In the biennial fair held ISH in Frankfurt in March, Roca presents among other new bathroom space the exclusive Armani / Roca, a concept of integral elegant interior design, created in collaboration with the prestigious Italian firm.

Roca - Armani

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