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Baths, faucets and kitchen by Roca
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Quality and hight range

At MASIÁ, S.A. we select the best brands of the ceramics sector in order to proportionate our clients with one of the most complete ranges that exist within the market.

  • Paving of a mono kilning stoneware type tile
  • Paving of an extrusion stoneware type tile
  • Porcelain paving
  • Mono kilning type finishing
  • Edgings and mouldings


Our collaborators:

Cerámica Roca    Inalco    Apavisa   Pamesa   Marazzi 

Ceracasa    Cerámicas Aparici   Cinca   Todagres 

Gres Aragón   Exagres   Gres Cid   Halcon 

Vitrogres    Azteca   Pavigres   Domino

Keraben     Cobsa    Cercol    Parex 

Ardex   Cobert

The Ciotola Grohe Sinks

Lavabos La Ciotola de Grohe

The collection of toilet bowl type "Art Ceram's 'La Ciotola'" adds a touch of color to the modern bathroom. Flanges in black, red, yellow or pink can highlight the outline of the ceramic and emphasize the purity of its forms.

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Faucets for bath and kitchen
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Air conditioning for home and industry
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Ceramics and roof installation