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Baths, faucets and kitchen by Roca
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MASIÁ, S.A. was founded in 1963 as a consequence of the fusion of two societies, Cristalerías Magrans (1926) and Cristalerías Masiá (1920), both being competitors. The motives were merely strategic, whereby our principal objective was to combine the knowledge, the experience and the service, in the task of incorporating products solicited by the construction market.

As a result of the fusion, the Sanitary Installations and Faucets Department had one sole vocation, Construction. The Glass Department specialised itself in installing window panes in constructions and buildings, the Sanitary and Faucets Department, in the provision of products of the best brands within the sector, for all of its channels: Promoting Firms, Construction Firms, Warehouses, Stores, Engineering Offices, Installers, etc.

In MASIÁ, S.A. we continue growing and incorporating new sections into our Departments, such as Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical Appliances, Ceramics, Paving, Parquets, etc. All of this has allowed us to keep on accumulating experience and knowledge, which situate MASIÁ, S.A. as a leading firm in the sector.

This success is due to the daily effort of all of the persons who integrate our team of professionals. From the management, this being of a 4th generation, leading the firm, up to the warehouse personnel, passing through the commercial team, administration, chauffeurs and installers, all of them carry out a common job, in order to continue leading the sector.

Masia SA Barcelona

Perú, 184
08020 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 303 77 00
Fax: 93 266 43 34

Masia SA Girona

Doctor Joan Torró i Cabratosa, 28
17005 Girona
Tel.: 972 40 07 74
Fax: 972 40 13 84

Faucets Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan

With an original aesthetic and good functionality, Grohe announced this new model as a fitting with a perfect value.

Grifería Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan

Glass for building
Sanitary for bath and kitchen
Faucets for bath and kitchen
Heating for home and industry
Air conditioning for home and industry
Electrical appliances
Ceramics and roof installation