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BAXIROCA biomass heating

Within the green energy sources, biomass is a favorite for home users because of its fast installation and low cost compared to solar, for example.
Biomass is plant material used as fuel for power generation. It comes in small pellets and its cost is very low.

BaxiRoca has a range of biomass stoves that provide a design plan for the decoration of houses in addition to its functional use as heating appliances.

Bio Water and Bio Air BAXIROCA pellet stoves

Bio Air Heaters 10Kw heat transmitted by a fan in the room where they are located, while the model 20KW Water Bio energy transmitted through water radiators in every room of the house.

Calefacción por Biomasa de pellets

BAXIROCA plug-wood

They are designed to take advantage of existing chimneys, improving its heat output. Several models of heating air in a room or water through radiators throughout the house.

Calefacción por Biomasa de leña

More information: BAXIROCA

New fridge Teka

The new model with stainless steel doors and cold-marking Total No Frost fridge and freezer control features a multifunctional LCD display electronic door, automatic temperature and Fuzzy Logic optimum moisture indicator, which means greater energy savings.

Teka frigoríficos

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